Jarvis.ai Review (Jul 2021) – Time to Fire Your Writers?

It isn’t an AI or robot from the Iron Man movies. Jarvis.ai (formerly Conversion.ai) is a copywriting tool that helps you craft an engaging and persuasive message for your website, sales funnels, social media channels, etc. It comes with different features like copywriting templates, long-form AI copywriting assistants and Boss Mode. But is it worth … Continued

It isn’t an AI or robot from the Iron Man movies.

Jarvis.ai (formerly Conversion.ai) is a copywriting tool that helps you craft an engaging and persuasive message for your website, sales funnels, social media channels, etc. It comes with different features like copywriting templates, long-form AI copywriting assistants and Boss Mode.

But is it worth the steep price tag?

Will you be able to get a return on investment from this pricey piece of software?

These were the exact same questions I used to ask, before using Jarvis.

Keep reading.

Jarvis.ai is a product of the company behind UseProof.

The experience Jarvis gained with their other popular product, UseProof, and knowledge of copywriting has allowed them to understand what makes copy compelling.

Content writing with AI

The team has trained GPT-3 with their own high-converting copywriting templates and data giving rise to Jarvis!

Their deep understanding of how copywriting works combined with a powerful AI makes Jarvis (Conversion.ai) one of the best AI tools on the market.

Team behind Jarvis.ai

The company is led by CEO Dave Rogenmoser, along with team members Austin Distel, John Philip Morgan, Chris Hull, Megan Johnson, and James Morgan.

They are really good at building communities and using webinars for educating prospects. Their main strength is marketing.

I would highly suggest you join their Facebook community.

Pros and cons

Here are some pros and cons of Jarvis.ai.


  • Comes with really useful content templates. For me, video script hook, AIDA, PAS, content improver, blog post intro, feature to benefit, are the most favorite ones.
  • It comes with a long form content assistant, to help you write long form blogs, sales copies, and video scripts easily.
  • It comes with Boss Mode. You can just command Jarvis to return your content, same as how you do with Google Assistant or Siri. Powerful!
  • Features of Jarvis are really well thought out keeping real life use cases in mind!
  • Supports up to 30 different languages. Say “hi” to generate vernacular content at scale.
  • It comes with a grammar fixer, content simplifier, and an ever growing list of quick tools!


  • Jarvis can be a liar when it comes to facts and figures. It comes down to a con of the underlying tech; GPT-3. As of now, it sucks when it comes to factual details.
  • Jarvis can struggle a lot in some niches where there’s a scarcity of content on the internet. It can excel in some fields like diets, travel, and even writing a story (it’s too good at it). But, a new tech like blockchain? It needs more training, a GPT-3 con.
  • It can be quite costly for beginners. They can get the Starter plan, but it has a cap of 20,000 words and also you don’t get access to long form assistant and Boss Mode.

These are just tools and are not meant to replace content writers. To make the AI reliable, you need to steer it in the right direction and specify the depth and breadth of the content.

Content and copywriting templates + my favorites

Jarvis.ai comes with a lot of copywriting templates. You just need to select the template and fill in the details for it to generate persuasive copies for you.

Here’s a list of templates you can use with Jarvis:

  • Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS)
  • Product description
  • Content improver
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Video Topic Ideas
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph
  • Sentence Expander
  • Video Description
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Video Script Hook and Introduction
  • Review Responder
  • Facebook Ad Headline
  • Video Titles
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text
List of templates you can use with Jarvis

You just need to select the template and fill in the details for it to generate copies for you. When generating the copy you have control over:

  • The number of copies it needs to generate
  • The tone of voice – like friendly, convincing, witty, engaging, etc. To trigger the right kind of emotions at the right time in your copy.
Jarvis content improver

These emails are persuasive, nah?

You can even make use of a template “content improver” to write bullet points and expand it to a complete compelling email!

If you are into video script creation, autoresponders, newsletter creation, short-form social media content, you will absolutely love the templates that Jarvis has got for you.

My favorite Jarvis templates

Here are some of my favorite templates!

Some copywriting templates I really liked are AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action), PAS (Problem-agitate-solution), BAB (Before After Bridge), etc.

These templates appear in the sidebar when you are dealing with the long-form assistant of Jarvis too (this is a game-changer for many including me!).

I will be explaining more about it in the next section.

Whatever output that is generated by making use of these templates will be stored under “AI outputs”.

Jarvis AI outputs

Favorite them, flag them (this improves its learning), and trash them as well.

A powerful search engine is also available to search through the AI output so that the content can be reused between copies.

Long-form assistant

Note: This blog post is written 30% by Jarvis, and 70% by me (cuz it’s a new tool – and Jarvis doesn’t know about itself!) using the long-form writing assistant.

The basics

This feature allows you to write long-form copies like blog posts, video scripts, sales pages, etc.

If you are writing an email or a post, you can share it with multiple team members (with their team member feature) and get feedback from each of them at the same time. It makes collaboration easier.

The long-form assistant works in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Give us some information about what you’re writing about so that we can help you write the best blog post for YOUR audience.

Step 2: Generate an eye-catching title that matches up with your topic (e.g., “5 Ways I’ve Tried To Deal With My Anxiety”) which is essential since a catchy headline attracts readership!

Step 3: Start writing the content or ask Jarvis to write an intro for you.

Jarvis content brief

Providing the initial input for the AI can be pretty important. You need to make sure that it is descriptive enough and also provides the right tone for AI to continue with. Similar to that of any other AI, Jarvis works on patterns.

If your input is good, the AI will write the content for you based on it.

As you start writing the article, you can at times let the AI autocomplete your thoughts and write content for you.

But that’s not all, the AI goes very far! You don’t need to worry about editing typos – Jarvis automatically detects and corrects them for you.

If you want AI to fix the grammar of the content you create, then you can make use of the “Fix Grammar” feature.

Fix Grammar feature - Jarvis

You may be wondering what the other two options are: they are – rewrite and simplify (simplifies complex sentences for a 5th grader) features.

Jarvis will read and generate content based on the position of your cursor.

It reads 2000 to 3000 characters above your cursor to get context about what you’re looking at.

And the best of all? You can generate content in up to 25+ languages

Jarvis supported languages
Jarvis language customizations

Have the above two images side by side.

The shortcuts

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts and modifiers to control Jarvis while writing:

  • ***: Jarvis will be unable to see anything above three asterisks in your content. You can use it to prevent the AI from generating duplicate outputs by sticking to previous patterns.
  • ##: Give two hash signs in front of any header to indicate that a paragraph will follow.
  • Command + /: re-run or retry
  • Command + Z: undo
  • Command + J: Compose
  • Command + Enter: Run Command (more on these later)
  • Command + Shift + Enter: Run Command and keep Command on the page after running

Quick access to templates

Here’s another interesting feature.

It is sometimes helpful to use some copywriting templates in the middle of writing in their long-form assistant.

Jarvis templates favorited on top

At those times you can just enter Power Mode. Now you have instant access to all the templates to work with to aid your long-form content creation!

A real-life use case would be, say – you’re writing a blog post review and you are struggling to convert the features of a product to benefits.

Jarvis long form editor
Dark mode doesn’t have to activate the dark-side of AI 😉

You simply can head over to the “feature to benefit” template, generate, and use it in a section of your blog post.

Or you can make use of the “persuasive bullet points” template to convince the readers!

Along with these things, Jarvis.ai also makes sure that your content is SEO-optimized.

Optimizing the content for SEO with Jarvis

There are blog posts, and even entire books 📚 written by Jarvis. Take a look at it 👀

SEO features

You can enter up to 3 keywords for which you want Jarvis to optimize your content.

Surfer and Conversion.AI integration

In addition to this, Jarvis currently integrates with Surfer SEO, so your content would be optimized for search engines.

The tool displays the topics or keywords (that other top-ranking sites are covering) you need to include in your copy to make it more topically relevant.

Having access to correlational SEO tools alongside AI content writing tools like Jarvis is a welcome feature that is unique to the tool.

Boss mode

Jarvis boss mode

Recently, after acquiring ShortlyAI, they have something called “Jarvis Commands.” (which they borrowed from it).

With this, it is possible to ask the AI for help while creating long-form content and use inline commands when writing marketing copy.

Simply tell Jarvis to “Write an intro paragraph about <blog topic>.“, and it’ll generate a good intro for you.

For example, if I wanted some bullet points to help me with my sales pitch, in Jarvis Commands I would simply type:

“What are 3 great sales pitch tips?” Press CMD+Enter, and it will provide me with a few proven tips for making a great sales pitch.

using jarvis commands cmdenter

Here are some examples of what you can ask:

Marketing Frameworks

  • Write a PAS for the content above. (Problem, Agitate, Solve)
  • Write an AIDA for the content above. (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
  • Write a BAB about the content above. (Before, After, Bridge)

Blog Posts

  • Write some blog post titles about [topic].
  • Write a content brief about [topic or title].
  • Write a blog outline for a blog post titled [blog post title].
  • Write some FAQs about [blog post topic].
  • Answer the question “How much protein should I eat per day?”.
  • Write a blog post intro for the above.
  • Make a list of [topic]. (ex. Make a list of auto manufacturers)
  • Write a conclusion about the above content. (Likely to write a conclusion paragraph)


  • Write some ad headlines for the product description above.
  • Write ad copy about the product description above.


  • Rewrite the above to explain it to a 5th grader.
  • Run Content Improver on the content above.
  • Write a value prop for the company described above.
  • Write some persuasive bullets for the content above.
  • Write a feature benefit for a feature that does [feature description].
  • Write a listicle outline for [the best ways to lose weight].


  • Write some YouTube titles about [topic].
  • Write a video script outline for a video titled <video title>.
  • Write a video script intro for a video titled <video title>.
  • Write a video script hook for a video titled <video title>.
  • Write a video description for the above video script.

Pro tip: You can easily add these commands into your text expander for easier execution.

Pam's boss mode command center
Credits: Pamela Dimmick (Facebook)

Or, you can go a step further, do this setup?


Know more about Boss Mode!

How good are the outputs for me?


Jarvis.ai has been working really well for me in terms of assisting me with my content creation.

With any other tool, I have difficulty letting it write correctly from the beginning of the content creation process (as you may too).

AI can let the content flow wildly, so you need to steer it in the right direction by creating a detailed outline (that sets topical depth and breadth).

The outputs generated by Jarvis.ai are superior to those of other tools in the market, and it doesn’t produce irrelevant fluff as often as other tools do.

But needless to say, you need to train the AI in the right context and work with it.

Over time, you’ll be able to see good results out of it.


I’m in their Pro+Boss mode, so I don’t feel guilty of hitting the “compose” button obsessively!



Jarvis pricing

There are three tiers of pricing plans for writers, including Starter ($29/month), Pro Unlimited Plan ($109), and Boss Mode Plan ($119).

With Jarvis’ Starter plan, you can have Jarvis write short-form copy using more than 50 skills such as headlines, descriptions, and bios.

Jarvis’ pro plan unlocks the ability to write long-form content, such as blog posts, video scripts, and books.

With the Pro + Boss mode, you can write long-form content faster by using Jarvis commands to let artificial intelligence write exactly what you need.


Verdict of Jarvis.ai review

Tell me, who’s it for?

Jarvis (Conversion.ai) meets the needs of a wide range of people.

A lot of people opt for their templates-only plan and use it to create fragments of their blog posts.

But their Starter plan comes with a limit of 25,000 on word count, so you may want to get an unlimited plan if you plan to hit that “Compose” button more often.

Is it worth it for you?


It is true that Jarvis is one of the more expensive options on the market.

However, Jarvis may provide you with a process that will improve your output by 50-70% (or more in some cases) over what you could have achieved without Jarvis.

Money is all about time value. Knowing your self-worth in monetary terms is crucial if you’re clueless about it.

Jarvis has really reduced the time I spend creating my initial drafts.

Depending on the niche, Jarvis can even speed up your writing workflow by 200% if enough content exists for it to build its intelligence on.

For agencies and freelancers, Jarvis.ai gives the best ROI.


Does Jarvis.ai have any discounts or coupons?

No, it does come with a 7-day trial. You can make use of the special link in this blog post to get 5,000 credits, though.

Will Google rank my content if it’s AI-generated?
I would argue that Google will not bother deciphering AI content (it has much better things to do with its processing power). All Google cares is about whether people are spending time on your content and your content is satisfying their intent.

Has ever Jarvis.ai offered a lifetime deal?

They never did offer a lifetime deal but offered a launch or early adopters’ discount. But surely they tapped the lifetime deal audience.

Does Jarvis.ai come with an affiliate program?

They do have an affiliate program where you can earn 30% recurring commissions.

What are the alternatives to Jarvis.ai?

As of now, the only viable long-form alternative to it is ShortlyAI, but it’s been acquired by them.

What is Jarvis Boss Mode?

In this mode, you can ask Jarvis to generate content in the form of commands like you do with Google Assistant or Siri.

What technology does Jarvis use?

It makes use of OpenAI’s GPT 3 algorithm. They have trained the algorithm to make it more suitable for copywriting and conversions – giving rise to Jarvis!

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